[CentOS] rsync backup to fileserver - mystery

Fri May 1 17:21:18 UTC 2015
Jeremy Thompson <jeremy at warehousesports.com>

that diff has /misc/misc/ in the second compare argument.  Not sure if thats the exact command you have been entering or if you retyped it.  If that is a good path or is rsync creating new “misc” folders inside your original misc folder?

Jeremy Thompson
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> On May 1, 2015, at 10:10 AM, Frank Cox <theatre at melvilletheatre.com> wrote:
> I have an Intel SS4000E fileserver that I've been using for several years to backup my home directory to.
> I have a daily cron job that runs the following command:
> rsync -av --delete /home/frankcox/ /mnt/fileserver/backup
> I have a directory named misc/sheet-music/classical.  About a week ago I created a new subdirectory there,  /home/frankcox/misc/sheet-music-classical/Russian\ and\ Eastern\ European/
> Notice the spaces in the subdirectory name; I don't know if that's relevant or not.
> I store a number of bzip-ed pdf files in that subdirectory, like this: BARTOKA.pdf.bz2, BARTOKB.pdf.bz2 and so on.
> Now for the mystery.
> The rsync command above gets me a report in my email from cron telling me what files were changed or deleted since the last backup run.  And ever since I created that misc/sheet-music-classical/Russian\ and\ Eastern\ European subdirectory, it appears that the files in that subdirectory are getting copied to the fileserver again every day, since they are all listed in the email report that I receive.
> diff -r --brief /home/frankcox/misc/sheet-music-classical/Russian\ and\ Eastern\ European/ /mnt/fileserver/backup/misc/misc/sheet-music-classical/Russian\ and\ Eastern\ European/
> That command gives me no output, so the contents of that subdirectory appear to match on both machines.
> So why is that subdirectory getting copied again every day when it hasn't changed?
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