[CentOS] appdynamics php agent prevented by SELinux

Tue May 12 05:47:04 UTC 2015
Jason Woods <devel at jasonwoods.me.uk>

> On 12 May 2015, at 03:39, Tim Dunphy <bluethundr at gmail.com> wrote:
>                                    *****  Plugin catchall_labels (83.8
> confidence) suggests   *******************...
> May 11 22:31:38 web1 python[14832]: SELinux is preventing
> /usr/lib/appdynamics-php5/proxy/jre/bin/java from block_suspend access on
> the capability2 Unknown.

> Why is that odd? Well mainly because I have SELinux off at the moment.
> [root at web1:~] #getenforce 0
> Permissive

This means SELinux is ON in a kind of testing mode. It is only reporting what would be blocked and not "enforcing" anything. So the messages are basically informing you that you WILL have problems IF you enable enforcing mode.

Checking AppDynamic PHP agent it does not support SELinux (which is insanely poor for the license cost!) so best you can do is ignore the messages. It may be better to contact their support channels for help too rather then here if you need any more.

Disabling SELinux completely should stop the messages appearing completely, though I advise against anything but enforcing mode.