[CentOS] Bacula backup system

Mon May 11 18:49:08 UTC 2015
Alessandro Baggi <alessandro.baggi at gmail.com>

Hi there,
In my last request I have asked info about backuppc and other backup
solutions. After some test I have choosen bacula. Many people said it's too
complex and try to make it works is a challenge. I've tested backuppc and I
don't like it for a stupid reason... I must install on centos external
software, configure a web server with cgi with suid enabled (apache does
not have mod_perl) I must exchange ssh key or configure smb shares. On
backuppc site is reported that there is no database because it is another
point of failure. But to make backup pc working I need different softwares
to make it work. With bacula I need pgsql (installed with 3 step) install
bacula with yum and configure bacula. Bacula is amazing in it's
configurantion...you must spend time for studying it but it is solid and
powerfull. This is my choice and this not mean that backuppc is bad.

Then after this...I'm new to bacula.

On different sites, on bacula docs and on sample files, there is specified
a job related to database (catalog) backup. The catalog is used to restore
a backup.
What do you think about backupping  catalog on the same backup server? If
the backup server dies, how I can restore catalog(s)?
If server dies, I can restore without reinstall bacula?
What solution do you use?