[CentOS] Back to eth shuffling ...

Wed May 13 18:59:40 UTC 2015
Ashley M. Kirchner <ashley at pcraft.com>

So I'm back to this problem. A quick run down of what the original problem

I have a machine that I'm configuring to use kickstart to setup. It has two
builtin ethernet ports (labeled ports 1 and 2) and I'm adding a third one
on its PCIe bus. Originally I was using an r8169 clone a default kickstart
always put it as eth0 with the builtin ones as eth1 and eth2 respectively.
After some fiddling with blacklisting the driver during the kickstart
process, I was able to get the machine to boot up with the r8169 as eth3
(!!!) while the other two were correctly identified as eth0 and eth1 (this
is what I want except the PCIe card should've been eth2 but it never came
up that way)

However I ran into other issues with the r8169 driver and ultimately
replaced it for an IntelPRO, which happens to use the same e1000e module as
the builtin ones. Great. Except ...

Now when I kickstart the machine, I get this:
builtin port1 -> eth0
PCIe card -> eth1
builtin port2 -> eth2

What I want is:
builtin port1 -> eth0
builtin port2 -> eth1
PCIe card -> eth2

I should also point out here that when PXE kicks in on this machine, the
machine correctly enumerates the ethernet devices as port1, port2 and then
the PCIe card. So somewhere in the kickstart process things change.

So I'm back to trying to figure out how to achieve this.