[CentOS] Two WiFi routers

Thu Nov 5 12:22:52 UTC 2015
Timothy Murphy <gayleard at eircom.net>

Gordon Messmer wrote:

> As a point of clarification: The setup that you're describing isn't
> multiple WiFi routers, it's multiple WiFi Access Points.

Thanks for your response, and for all the others.
I am indeed using the two routers as Access Points,
turning off dhcp on them, etc.

I did actually try what has been suggested,
but it didn't seem to work,
which made me wonder if it was possible in principle.

However, I almost certainly made some mistake setting up
the second router/AP, which is actually an ancient Netopia router
from my ISP, whose manual says it can be used as an AP.
I see it with "arp -a" on my server,
but I've now noticed I don't see it on my Android phone,
or with "iwlist scan" on my laptop.

Apologies, I don't think this router/AP is working ...

Timothy Murphy  
gayleard /at/ eircom.net
School of Mathematics, Trinity College, Dublin