[CentOS] Differences from upstream RHEL

Fri Nov 13 12:40:22 UTC 2015
Edward Ned Harvey (centos) <centos at nedharvey.com>

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> Anyways, the vendor is also free to support
> whatever OS they want, and you're free to choose not to use their
> software.

Except when you're not. Because for whatever reason, the choice of software you (the sysadmin) will support is determined by the users (engineers, financial people, whatever) who use the software. And the software vendors publicize which OSes are "supported" to run their software.

As mentioned previously in this thread, the software in question is Cadence EDA software, which I've supported many times on Centos before, but they do all their development and testing on RHEL, SLES, Solaris, and a few other commercial OSes, so they cannot say they support Centos. If you encounter any fringe incompatibility cases, because of running Centos, it's your responsibility. But they're not intentionally manufacturing any such cases into their software.

I'm comfortable with this. Even staking my reputation on it. But I brought up the questions because I need to make other people comfortable with it too.

I got all the answers I need - Thanks everyone for your help.