[CentOS] Rsync and differential Backups

Sat Nov 14 01:55:50 UTC 2015
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 11/11/15 02:46, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> ... the process you described is likely to miss files that are 
> modified while "find" runs.
That's just being picky for the sake of it.  A backup is a *point-in-time* snapshot of the files being backed up.  It will not capture files modified after that point.

So, saying that find won't find files modified while the backup is running is frankly the same as saying it won't find files modified anytime in the future after that *point-in-time* when the backup started!

If there's a point to be made by the quoted statement above, I missed it and I surely deserve to be educated!