[CentOS] Intel SSD

Wed Nov 18 14:37:06 UTC 2015
Eero Volotinen <eero.volotinen at iki.fi>

What is Intel SSD Data Center Tool (ISDCT) ? Does Linux kernel detect disk
on sata ports?

Supported usually means that they have tested it and they can say that it
works.. Many of hardware still works as linux kernel support
lots of drivers -- even they are not officially supported by vendor.


2015-11-18 16:25 GMT+02:00 Birta Levente <blevi.linux at gmail.com>:

> Hi
> I have a supermicro server, motherboard is with C612 chipset and beside
> that with LSI3108 raid controller integrated.
> Two Intel SSD DC S3710 200GB.
> OS: Centos 7.1 up to date.
> My problem is that the Intel SSD Data Center Tool (ISDCT) does not
> recognize the SSD drives when they connected to the standard S-ATA ports on
> the motherboard, but through the LSI raid controller is working.
> Does somebody know what could be the problem?
> I talked to the Intel support and they said the problem is that Centos is
> not supported OS ... only RHEL 7.
> But if not supported should not work on the LSI controlled neither.
> Thanks,
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>            Levi
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