[CentOS] CPU Limit in Centos

Sat Nov 21 14:45:08 UTC 2015
Edward Ned Harvey (centos) <centos at nedharvey.com>

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> Behalf Of Edward Ned Harvey (centos)
> According to these, centos 6 and rhel 6 are limited to 16G of ram. But I
> currently have a rhel6 system with 128G, so ... Don't know what to think
> about that...

Gaah!  Sorry. I looked at x86 and not x86_64. So that answers that.

But the question still stands - In the past, I think there was a limitation of RHEL ES, and if you went over that, you needed RHEL AS.

As far as I can tell, there is no such distinction (and never has been) in centos. For that matter, as I browse redhat.com right now, it's not clear that they have any such distinction anymore either.