[CentOS] Newbie alert

Thu Nov 26 17:33:16 UTC 2015
Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca>

On 26/11/15 12:30 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 11/26/2015 9:19 AM, Digimer wrote:
>>> Thanks for the quick reply!
>>> >I found many bug trackers related to RedHat. Could you please provide
>>> >some links as to which ones need to be fixed ?
>>> >Sorry for the newbie question
>> What needs fixing depends entirely on what your interests are and where
>> your skills are. I would go here:
>> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/query.cgi?format=advanced
>> Then search Red Hat Enterprise Linux (5, 6 or 7), which is upstream for
>> CentOS, pick some components you're interested in and see what there is.
>> Find something you think you can help with and start poking around. If
>> you think you have a patch or fix, post to the bug and see what people
>> say.
> how open is RH to bug fix submissions from non-customers?
> I got the impression most of their bug fixes were done internally by
> employees, a large part of which consists of backporting fixes from
> upstream FOSS projects.

In my experience, good.

They have an internal QA process that fixes have to run through, but
they've always been happy to get the solution from anywhere. (I've done
this for the HA stack, not sure how other teams compare).

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