[CentOS] xfs or btrfs

Fri Nov 27 20:23:32 UTC 2015
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

On 11/27/2015 12:00 PM, Milton Plasencia wrote:
> For real time applications, what file system is recommended to use,
> XFS or BTRFS on Centos 7 or Redhat 7?

XFS is the default production file system in centos 7...  I've been 
using it for quite awhile on C6 for my performance-oriented PostgreSQL 
database servers as well as archival storage servers and such, and have 
had zero problems.

BTRFS is still, IMHO, experimental and not ready for production without 
extensive vetting for your spsiecific configuration and applications.

john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz