[CentOS] safest way to grow a LV under VMware ESXi5.5

Tue Nov 3 21:51:53 UTC 2015
Boris Epstein <borepstein at gmail.com>

> Ok, that *is* small. I'd worry about a logfile suddenly growing massively,
> and freezing your system. (Yes, it has happened here, and then there was
> the time a summer student ran something, wouldn't be back until Monday...
> and got a 20G logfile, which blew out the NFS-mounted home directory fs,
> on which a number of other people resided... including *me*, and his
> manager, and our division head....)
>        mark
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Absolutely - plus, we just need more space:)

Does it make any difference whether to use full disk device for your LV
(i.e., /dev/sdc or some such) or make a partition instead (say, /dev/sdc1
covering the whole disk end to end)? I mean, are there any pro's and con's
to using either as extra space for the logical group?