[CentOS] Selling DVD image which include CentOS and our application

Tue Nov 24 06:17:12 UTC 2015
Takuya Yamamoto <t-yamamoto at rf.jp.nec.com>

Dear ALL

Our company make and sell some measurement system controlled by Server.
There is no technical issue but we don't have enough information about license.

We will do the following,

1) We make the DVD image which include CentOS and our application.
2) Sell DVD to our customer.
3) Customer installs this image (CentOS and our applications) on the Server.

Question 1
Is there no problem from the view point of CentOS license?

Question 2
We'd like to know what we should do to CentOS community?
e.g. contract, donate

I read following past ML
But, I want to know latest your comment.

Yamamoto Takuya
NEC Platforms, Ltd.

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