[CentOS] Differences from upstream RHEL

Tue Nov 10 21:24:54 UTC 2015
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 11/10/2015 02:03 PM, Edward Ned Harvey (centos) wrote:
> At work, we use some commercial software, that names RHEL6 as a supported OS, but not Centos6. I would like to know the difference between Centos and RHEL, in order to claim (or not) that we can support our users on Centos instead of RHEL.
> I see the release notes, that say "Packages modified by CentOS," but it's not clear what the modifications are. I have been browsing around for these details, and have not yet found specifics of *what* was modified in those packages.
> Can anyone please direct me toward details of what's modified in the packages that centos modifies?

CentOS changes branding (in the source code) to comply with Red Hat's
trademark requirements.

In general we do not make changes to the base os other than those
branding changes before we rebuild the source code.  We also take out
links to their Red Hat Network and instead do updates from our CentOS

However, we build the source code in our closed build system on CentOS.
 Red Hat has their own closed build system that contains RHEL packages
in which they build.

This means that CentOS is not 'exactly' the same as RHEL .. so, not a
clone.  It SHOULD be functionally equivalent (ie, same commands, same

CentOS also rebuilds the source code for updates that are released by
Red Hat .. however we do not provide any 'software assurance' or
guarantees for fitness of the software.  We just rebuild the source code
in the order it is released .. nothing more.

If you require commercial support from an entity that releases software
certified to run on RHEL, you need to ask them if they support said
software on CentOS.  Regardless of if they support it .. CentOS provides
NO guaranteed support of any kind.  If you require Service Level
Agreement type support (updates within a certain amount of time, bugs
fixed, etc.) then that is what RHEL is for.

If CentOS works for you and you want to use it, that's why we build it
.. but if you require some sort of assurance of fitness, especially some
sort of guarantee of timeliness for response to bugs, etc .. then CentOS
might not be what you are looking for.

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