[CentOS] Differences from upstream RHEL

Wed Nov 11 15:17:52 UTC 2015
Edward Ned Harvey (centos) <centos at nedharvey.com>

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> Behalf Of Devin Reade
> The above answer is right-on.  From a technical perspective, you can
> probably expect the 3rd party software to work exactly the same on
> RHEL and CentOS (barring some implausible edge cases), however your
> 3rd party vendor may refuse to support you at all if you're using
> something that's not on their supported platforms list.

Hehehe, for what it's worth, I encountered one of those edge cases a few years ago. Dell OMSA, at least in the days of Centos 4, was distributed as a self-extracting binary, that would read the contents of /etc/redhat-release and compare it against a list of predefined strings, and then refused to operate. The workaround was to hack /etc/redhat-release.

But anyway. That's pretty unusual. Thanks...