[CentOS] Glibc vulnerbality CVE-2015-1781

Wed Nov 25 04:21:58 UTC 2015
Venkateswara Rao Dokku <dvrao.584 at gmail.com>


We are using CentOS 5.5 as a base OS for one of our products.The version of
Glibc we are using was glibc-2.5-123.el5_11.1.

We wanted to see whether this glibc is vulerable to CVE-2015-1781. I have
gone through re-documentation & came across the following link

In the link it is mentioned that, the CVE will not be fixed in Red-Hat 5
version. What does that mean? I mean, whether the RedHat 5 is vulnerable &
fix is not available or RedHat 5 is not vulnerable, hence the fix is not

Thanks for the info.

Thanks & Regards,