[CentOS] install rrdtools-devel / rrdtool-perl

Thu Nov 26 17:58:54 UTC 2015
Leandro <ingrogger at gmail.com>

Im very sorry.
You were right, yum install works flawlessly  for rrdtool, rrdtool-devel 
and rrdtool-perl packages.
I tryed on a fresh centos7 install.
The problem is that my Os is not a centos7 instead is a redhat 7.
Since I dont have any support for this , I asked some help here. I 
thought that repositories are the same for fedora,redhat and centos.
My mistake ...
I dont know what to do now.


On 26/11/15 14:20, John Hodrien wrote:
> yum list rrdtool --show-duplicates