[CentOS] [MASSMAIL]Re: LDAP setup on Centos 7

Fri Nov 27 17:33:22 UTC 2015
Gordon Messmer <gordon.messmer at gmail.com>

On 11/27/2015 08:22 AM, Gary Stainburn wrote:
> (Sorry, but I am doing this parrot fashion as I really don't understand LDAP
> yet)

OK, then let's start with a simple description of what LDAP is.  I'd 
describe it as a directory server.  Like your filesystem (a directory 
tree), it stores information in a named tree structure.  Like your 
filesystem, every entry needs a parent entry in the path.  Unlike your 
filesystem, the base (root) doesn't need to be the shortest name 
possible.  You can use "dc=ringways,dc=com" as a base for your 
directory, without providing "dc=com" or an entry at "".  Also unlike 
your filesystem, the data in an LDAP entry is structured; while all of 
the files in your filesystem are essentially blobs of binary data, data 
stored in LDAP is stored in named attributes of an entry which have 
rules describing what data is valid, how it should be sorted, and how it 
should be compared to search filters, etc.

> [root at ollie2 ~]# slapadd -v -l basedomain.ldif
> 56588237 The first database does not allow slapadd; using the first available
> one (2)
> slapadd: dn="dc=ringways,dc=com" (line=1): (64) value of single-valued naming
> attribute 'dc' conflicts with value present in entry
> dn: dc=ringways,dc=com
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: dcObject
> objectclass: organization
> o: Ringways
> dc: Server

A special rule of LDAP is that every entry has an attribute which is 
implied by its path.  In this case, the entry "dc=ringways,dc=com" has 
an attribute named "dc" whose value is "ringways".  You don't need to 
specify that attribute, but if you do, then it has to match the implied 

The error is telling you that there is an attribute named "dc", that the 
rules describing that attribute specify that it is single-valued (you 
cannot have multiple "dc" attributes, though some attributes do allow 
that sort of thing), and that you specified a value that conflicts with 
a value that was already present.