[CentOS] xfs or btrfs

Fri Nov 27 21:06:35 UTC 2015
Ireneusz Piasecki <irekpias at op.pl>

W dniu 27.11.2015 o 21:23, John R Pierce pisze:
> On 11/27/2015 12:00 PM, Milton Plasencia wrote:
>> For real time applications, what file system is recommended to use,
>> XFS or BTRFS on Centos 7 or Redhat 7?
> XFS is the default production file system in centos 7...  I've been 
> using it for quite awhile on C6 for my performance-oriented PostgreSQL 
> database servers as well as archival storage servers and such, and 
> have had zero problems.
> BTRFS is still, IMHO, experimental and not ready for production 
> without extensive vetting for your spsiecific configuration and 
> applications.
I used btrfs, but when i lost all my data (btrfs corruption) from 
separate raid 1 partition on fedora 21 - i don't use it any more.

I use EXT4 or XFS on centos or fedora. In production servers: centos and