[CentOS] problem on exceptional quit

Fri Oct 9 01:02:41 UTC 2015
Anthony K <akcentos at anroet.com>

On 09/10/15 10:23, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> Since those don't help, that tends to suggest that the problem isn't 
> an intermediate host, but the server itself.  Possibly an IP 
> conflict.  Also, check the output of "dmesg" to see if there are any 
> problems recorded with the NIC.  Check the output of "ifconfig" to see 
> if there are TX or RX errors that increase when your connections are 
> reset.

As Gordon suggests, let's see if the problem might be related to a dying NIC.  The output of the following command may reveal any illness:

# ip -s -d l l