[CentOS] Clustering and ha planning

Sun Oct 11 00:59:01 UTC 2015
Leandro <ingrogger at gmail.com>

Thanks for pointing that.
I would like to learn about clustering and HA, so if I have to chose a 
service for my testing scenario It will be a radius or a mysql justo to 
keep it simple.


On 10/10/15 18:49, John R Pierce wrote:
> On 10/10/2015 2:06 PM, Leandro wrote:
>> So, I would like to ask to comunity, which are the new methods for 
>> clustering and get HA and  where to get updated documentation. 
> I contend the appropriate approach to HA should be based on what 
> services you need to keep available.  an HA file server has quite 
> different requirements and implementations than a HA relational 
> database server or a HA DNS server.  There's no magic one size fits 
> all solutions.