[CentOS] Google Chrome Issues on CentOS 6

Wed Oct 21 06:25:28 UTC 2015
Sorin Srbu <Sorin.Srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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> On a centos-7 machine where I was having this issue, updating just
> chrome from:
>   google-chrome-stable-45.0.2454.101-1.x86_64
> to:
>   google-chrome-stable-46.0.2490.71-1.x86_64
> seemed to resolve this problem.
> I realize that the OP is reporting this issue, on C6, with the
> release I just updated to. By the way, I haven't run into this
> problem with the versions from their beta release channel.

The beta channel you mention, would that be the channel called 
google-chrome-unstable-something-or-other, or is there specifically a 
beta-channel as well?

Can't remember seeing something called beta-channel.