[CentOS] Re: PHP version not enough for developers

Sat Oct 24 17:50:29 UTC 2015
Nicholas Geovanis <nickgeovanis at gmail.com>

Yamaban wrote:
>The mess we have now, is not the work of just one change.
>What was the rationale to get udev into boot? -- Handling the ever
>changing mess of plugable, switchable hardware. Not born and bred
>for servers, but for mobiles (phones, tablets, laptops).
>Who was the one that decided that "one-size-fits-all" and put that
>into server environment?

IMHO agreed. I believe that there is a perceived convergence of "needs"
between (call it...) more-mobile personal linux and _virtualised_ server
If we can create a linux VM in under 5 minutes, "we" expect that it will
without the sys admin's intervention. Then "we" expect that we can migrate
to newer hardware without manual reconfiguration.

But returning to PHP: If apps are developed without real separation between
user interface and back-end, then the back-end will be victimised by the
relative and inherent instability of the front-end. The web servers then
become part of the front-end and must be handled as such. I would argue that
this lack of separation between front-end and web server is a feature of
the WWW
and its protocols, we cannot escape it. So no surprise that most data
leave the web servers outside or mostly-outside the network perimeter.