[CentOS] Re: Centos 6: language mess with ssh

Fri Oct 30 13:32:45 UTC 2015
Yamaban <foerster at lisas.de>

On Fri, 30 Oct 2015 12:12, Philippe BOURDEU d'AGUERRE <bda at ...> wrote:

> When I connect through SSH to my Centos 6 box, language are mixed: connection 
> is in english but password change dialog is in french. Example:
> $ ssh aa at quercy
> You are required to change your password immediately (root enforced)
> Last login: Fri Oct 30 11:41:31 2015 from quercy
> WARNING: Your password has expired.
> You must change your password now and login again!
> Changement de mot de passe pour l'utilisateur aa.
> Nouveau mot de passe :
> Retapez le nouveau mot de passe :
> (Current) Password:
> passwd : mise à jour réussie de tous les jetons d'authentification.
> Connection to quercy closed.
> I tried: "LANG=C ssh aa at quercy" and I get the same mess.
> Is it possible to get password change dialog in english ?

Frist, the use of "LANG=C ssh aa at quercy" only sets the language of
the lokal ssh-client.

Either you add the "SendEnv LANG" line to your ~/.ssh/config
(or add [space]LANG to a existing "SendEnv" line)

or you can specify it as a option on the command line:

export LANG
ssh -o "SendEnv LANG" aa at quercy

maybe "LANG=C ssh -o 'SendEnv LANG' aa at quercy" also works.

Note the 'export', in some environments LANG is not set at all,
there the export is needed, else it is only set for the shell,
and not for the called programs.

That way the ssh-client can tell the ssh-server on the other side
what language setting you want to have.

Atm, it looks like that the "LANG" is set to "fr_FR" or similar
for the whole system "quercy", or just for the user "aa" in his/her
.profile / .bash_profile / .bashrc / or other shell init file.

Another possibility is that settings of LC_* Have been messed with,
either local or on the machine you want to connect to.

If so, please set the "LC_ALL=C" add the "LC_ALL" to the "SendEnv"
above, and be aware that the "oneliner" version will no longer work.

  - Yamaban.