[CentOS] copying to a local mirror / repository

Wed Oct 14 21:49:39 UTC 2015
Richer, Mark (CIV) <mhricher at nps.edu>

I am using CentOS on a private network which can’t access the Internet so I want to create a local repository of packages on one or more DVDs, and get it installed on the private network. Someone had done this for CentOS 7, but not for CentOS 6. I have a VM running 6 so I am trying to create it for the previous major version.  I thought there would be some obvious instructions on the preferred/recommended method for doing this, but I have failed to find them.

Can anyone respond with any useful links on how best to do this or provide the recommended set of steps. I have seen various postings on this topic, but not anything official from the CentOS community.

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