[CentOS] virt-manager

Thu Oct 22 23:11:15 UTC 2015
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

so... I've been tinkering with KVM again.      my desktop is windows, 
the linux server is remote, so I have a ssh X tunnel running, and XMing 
running locally, and launch virt-manager.   opens fine, shows the VM I 
created some time ago.   I select that VM (which is running centos 6), 
and 'open', a window opens for a few seconds, then blam, virt-manager 
exits before I can click on the 'details' lightbulb.

if I run virt-manager --debug, I get the following output after clicking 
on 'open'...

2015-10-22 16:08:36,377 (engine:471): window counter incremented to 2
2015-10-22 16:08:36,379 (console:1150): Starting connect process for 
proto=vnc trans=None connhost=localhost connuser=None connport=None 
gaddr= gport=5900 gsocket=None
2015-10-22 16:08:36,381 (console:378): VNC connecting to localhost:5900
2015-10-22 16:08:37,009 (console:1061): Viewer connected
[xcb] Extra reply data still left in queue
[xcb] This is most likely caused by a broken X extension library
[xcb] Aborting, sorry about that.
python: xcb_io.c:576: _XReply: Assertion 
`!xcb_xlib_extra_reply_data_left' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

john r pierce, recycling bits in santa cruz