[CentOS] BackupPC problem - wrong user

Tue Sep 8 11:51:42 UTC 2015
anax <anax at ayni.com>

Hi Tim
if you try with suexec?


On 2015-09-08 12:18, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I recently moved BackupPC from CentOS-6 to CentOS-7.
> But when I browse to localhost/BackupPC I'm told
>    Error: Wrong user: my userid is 48[apache], instead of 984(backuppc)
> As far as I can tell, the BackupPC settings are exactly the same
> as they were before the move.
> It seems htttpd is running the program as user apache
> rather than backuppc, as required.
> Is there a simple setting in /etc/httpd/ that will tell httpd
> to run as a different user?