[CentOS] C6 firefox esr h.264 support on youtube

Tue Sep 8 22:11:08 UTC 2015
Richard <lists-centos at listmail.innovate.net>

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> Date: Tuesday, September 08, 2015 14:57:22 -0700
> From: Robert Arkiletian <robark at gmail.com>
> I was able to get h.264 support on www.youtube.com/html5 on fedora
> 21 by installing
> gstreamer1-libav
> but that package does not exist in C6 (or it's popular third party
> repos)
> What is the name of the package which adds h.264 to firefox on
> youtube/html5 in C6?

I think you'll find that package in the nux repo:

  gstreamer1-libav.x86_64  1.0.6-1.el7.nux  

I don't know if that will do what you're after, and I can't try this
out as my desktop machines are all C7. 

More detail on that repository can be found at: