[CentOS] Rebuilding a Centos 6.2 netinstall initrd with an updated driver?

Fri Sep 11 15:25:51 UTC 2015
Rory Falloon <rfalloon at gmail.com>

Thanks for the thoughts. I will not be updating to Centos 6.7 across 200
workstations when Centos 7 is close on the horizon. I've had to use Centos
6.6 for two other non-standard machines in the last few months which is why
I was talking of using it again here. I'd rather not have three CentOS
distributions on the floor, two is enough.

Thanks for confirming what else I would need to do what I want to achieve.
It looks like I will go with Centos 6.6 (or 6.7, if I have to..) for the
workstations that *need* it due to the driver issue, and go from there.

On Fri, Sep 11, 2015 at 11:22 AM, Lamar Owen <lowen at pari.edu> wrote:

> On 09/11/2015 08:54 AM, Rory Falloon wrote:
>> It seems that with the release of the X99 motherboards, a lot of vendors
>> are shifting away from using Realtek ethernet on board NICs and using
>> Intel. Our main distro. on the floor is Centos 6.2 for numerous reasons.
>> Efforts are being made toward 7.1, but not there yet.
>> ... but I'm hoping I've missed a step.
>> Hi, Rory,
> You need to be on 6.7, not 6.2.  There are more security and bug fixes in
> 6.7 over 6.2 than just a NIC driver enhancement.  There are probably very
> few reasons to stay at 6.2 versus 6.7, and many more reasons to update to
> 6.7 posthaste.
> Yes, you need the newer kernel, and you may need other pieces of 6.7 as
> well for the newer kernel to even work.
> CentOS does not and never has supported staying at a particular point
> release.  If you need this functionality, CentOS is not the right
> distribution for you; try Scientific Linux, which is built from the same
> sources and does feature a certain amount of support for being able to pin
> at a particular point release.
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