[CentOS] Logrotate problems

Thu Sep 24 09:49:03 UTC 2015
Andrew Holway <andrew.holway at gmail.com>

Actually, doing what logrotate suggests causes other problems. We don't
have this problem on any other system so I am keen to understand the root
of the issue rather than start messing around with the default permissions
of the log directories.

logrotate only matches /var/log/nginx/*log -  /var/log/nginx/access.log &

On the server where we have problems we have

On 24 September 2015 at 09:34, Jo Rhett <jrhett at netconsonance.com> wrote:

> On Sep 24, 2015, at 12:18 AM, Andrew Holway <andrew.holway at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > error: skipping "/var/log/nginx/access.log" because parent directory has
> > insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is
> not
> > "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which
> > user/group should be used for rotation.
> Right there ^^^ it is telling you what is wrong and how to fix it.
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