[CentOS] sendmail config finding wrong relay

Wed Sep 30 17:48:12 UTC 2015
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

>By which you mean that sendmail.cf contains the line:
>DSrelay:mail.xyz.com ?

Yes that is correct.

>SMART_HOST will relay mail to destinations for which it doesn't
have explicit routing information.

> Do you also have a mailertable defined which might include the recipient
domain, for example?
No there are no other entries in the mailertable or access files.

> Try "sendmail -d60.5 -bv [user at example.com]" to see what might
be going on with local address parsing.

This looks OK. (names have been changed)
sendmail -d60.5 -bv bob at address.com
map_lookup(dequote, root, %0=root) => NOT FOUND (0)
map_lookup(host, address.com, %0=address.com) => address.com. (0)
map_lookup(mailertable, address.com, %0=address.com) => NOT FOUND (0)
map_lookup(mailertable, .com, %0=.com, %1=address, %2=address) => NOT FOUND
map_lookup(mailertable, ., %0=., %1=address.com) => NOT FOUND (0)
bob at address.com... deliverable: mailer relay, host mail.xyz.com, user
bob at address.com

So nothing extra in any files - but then /var/log/maillog instread of relay
to mail.xyz.com it
goes somewhere else.

Thoughts? Thanks,