[CentOS] virt-install message regarding Spice and TLS

Wed Sep 2 17:05:42 UTC 2015
Mike - st257 <silvertip257 at gmail.com>

Is TLS required for the usage of Spice with KVM/libvirtd?

I've been through the virt-install manpage a few times now to no avail.
What is wrong with my syntax here (seen below)?


~]# virt-install --connect qemu:///system -n blahhost -r2048 --vcpus=4
--arch=x86_64 --video qxl --graphics spice,port=5931 --noautoconsole
--os-type linux --accelerate --network=bridge:kickstart_br0 --hvm --disk
path=/dev/vmdisks/fedora-test2,bus=virtio --cdrom /tmp/fedora.iso

Starting install...
ERROR    unsupported configuration: Auto allocation of spice TLS port
requested but spice TLS is disabled in qemu.conf
Domain installation does not appear to have been successful.
If it was, you can restart your domain by running:
  virsh --connect qemu:///system start blahhost
otherwise, please restart your installation.

//  SilverTip257  //