[CentOS] setting up solr/tomcat gives 404 page

Wed Sep 9 21:02:21 UTC 2015
Tim Dunphy <bluethundr at gmail.com>

Hey all,

 I tried following a few guides and I'm struggling with trying to setup
apache solr 4.10 under apache tomcat 7.0.64 along with the drupal config
necessary to get that this working with drupal.

The latest guide I followed was this one which seemed like it might work:


I followed everything to the letter and ended up with a 404 status page
when I hit http://ipaddress:8080/solr

I think the answer lies in putting the renaming the 'collection1' core to
the right location under the name 'drupal'. But how to do that seems to be
left out of that tutorial.

In the tomcat logs I just see the following: - - [09/Sep/2015:16:52:56 -0400] "GET /solr HTTP/1.1" 404 959

Which isn't very informative!!

Any chance I can get some help in getting this working?


GPG me!!

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