[CentOS] bind chroot, bind mounts and selinux

Thu Sep 10 01:09:18 UTC 2015
Tom Robinson <tom.robinson at motec.com.au>

Hi All,

I'm migrating a CentOS 6 bind instance (chrooted) to a CentOS 7 box and am curious of people's
opinions on chrooting vs selinux as a way of securing bind.

The bind-chroot on CentOS 7 also comes with a script (/usr/libexec/setup-named-chroot.sh) that sets
up the much maligned systemd and, through bind mounts, creates and extra level of chroot hierarchy


which seems totally unnecessary.

I'm sure that bind-chroot would be happy enough running without the bind mounts but would I be
loosing anything in terms of security?

Also, would I bother with chrooting at all if selinux can secure the environment for me?

My own opinions aside what do others think and has anyone had experience with this?

Kind regards,


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