[CentOS] x2go on CentOS6

Thu Sep 24 09:50:08 UTC 2015
isdtor <isdtor at gmail.com>

Has anyone managed to get the x2go server working on CentOS 6.7?

I started testing x2go from EPEL under 6.6, and it worked well. Then I didn't use it in 6 months plus, eventually upgraded the machine to 6.7, and it's no longer working. Both Windows and Linux clients error out with "Connection failed. 0: Event not found."

A Linux client run with the debug option reports:

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> Password authentication

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> user auth OK

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> SSH connection established.
x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> Continue normal x2go session
x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> executing remote command via SshProcess object (0): "export HOSTNAME && x2golistsessions"

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> creating new channel

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> new channel:0x7efd94013740

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> executing remote: "sh -c 'echo X2GODATABEGIN:a469c6c6-254d-431e-94ac-b30785359dbc; PATH=/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin export HOSTNAME && x2golistsessions; echo X2GODATAEND:a469c6c6-254d-431e-94ac-b30785359dbc;'"

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient->  new exec channel created

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> EOF ON CHANNEL 0x7efd94013740 (SshProcess: 0)

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> eof sent

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> channel closed

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> have only stderr, something must be wrong

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> ssh finished: false - "0: Event not found.
" (0).

x2go-DEBUG-../x2goclient-> "0: Event not found.

This is potentially similar to http://bugs.x2go.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=800, which hasn't been updated since March.