[CentOS] centos samba sssd active directory

Thu Apr 7 14:13:26 UTC 2016
Stefan Fuhrmann <stefan at fuhrmann.homedns.org>

Hello all, 
Im having the latest centos that should be integrated into win 2012 active directory domain. 
Im having Authentication running, an AD user can login via ssh, getent and id working 
But Im not able to get the samba shares running with AD 

comment = Mandant 
path = /share 
# ; valid users = @"RZ-DOMAIN\linuxtest" @"RZ-DOMAIN\linuxtest" 
valid users = DOMAIN 
# valid users = @"RZ-DOMAIN+domänen-benutzer" 
# valid users = @"RZ-DOMAIN" 
#valid users = %S, RDOMAIN\%S 
#valid users = @DOMAIN 
#valid users = linuxtest 

# force user = fuhste 
# guest ok = yes 
# force group = @"RZ-DOMAIN+domänen-benutzer" 
# force group = @"RZ-ODOMAIN" 

# ; force group = domänen-benutzer 
force create mode = 0660 
force directory mode = 0770 
readonly = no 
writeable = yes 

As you can see Itried a lot with valid users with no success. Im trying some days now but Im not able to get it running. 
Need more information? 

Can someone help?