[CentOS] system-config-printer samba broken

Wed Apr 27 16:08:35 UTC 2016
Andreas Benzler <andreas at benzlerweb.de>

Hello guys…

while i was working with special printer setup fallow problems are there:

1. system-config-printer 1.4.1 - printers not browsable. Fixed by fedora.

can be found here. Patch included

http://centos.cms4all.org/centos/7/printing/SRPM/ <http://centos.cms4all.org/centos/7/printing/SRPM/>

system-config-printer-1.4.1-20.el7.centos.src.rpm	 <http://centos.cms4all.org/centos/7/printing/SRPM/system-config-printer-1.4.1-20.el7.centos.src.rpm>

2. system-config-printer Verify … works as expected

3. "Prompt user if authentication is required“ - never happens

4. Set authentication details now:
    Fail because of realm

   Only User - fail
   WORKGROUP\User fail

   How to fill the username to get realm passed?

Thanks for advice


In the meantime i update my gutenprint for more printers. needs to be tested.