[CentOS] C5: The Firefox ESR 45.1.0 Nighmare

Fri Apr 29 01:23:32 UTC 2016
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

Centos replaced well-running customise Firefox with version ESR 45.1.0

* All the add-ons (language dictionaries, Adblock Plus, Classic Theme
Restorer etc.) were disabled with no simple method of reactivating them.
Reason given was they were "unsigned".

* About:config
   xpinstall.signatures.required = false
partially reduced the problem.

* Then possible to reactivate some disabled add-ons, but others
down-loaded OK but would not install

* removing files in ~/.mozilla/firefox/.../extensions.* and restarting
was supposed to help

However the time-wasting problem remains, so too do the down-loaded
extensions in /tmp, example tmp-xxx.xpi

Would be really nice if Centos warned its loyal and grateful users of
possible problems before those users trustingly replaced working
programmes with considerable time-wasting problems.

Time spent on trying to return Firefox to a useful and dependable
working tool is unavailable for other tasks :-(


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