[CentOS] Free Redhat Linux (rhel) version 7.2

Tue Apr 5 09:17:08 UTC 2016
Maikel van Leeuwen <maikel.van.leeuwen at sentia.com>

On 04/05/2016 11:06 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Johnny Hughes wrote:
>> On 04/04/2016 08:39 AM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>> I read that Redhat was offering their Linux free,
>>> and downloaded the ISO, though I haven't run it.
>>> What do CentOS users think of Redhat's offer?
>> You need read the usage license.
> I glanced through this before downloading the ISO.
> But I can't locate it now on the RedHat website(s).
>> That subscription can only be used in development and not in a
>> production environment.
>> If that works for want you want to use it for then it is an awesome move
>> by Red Hat.
> I run CentOS on two home servers (in different countries),
> and have no ambition to make money from them,
> which I take is the meaning of "production" in this context.
No, it is not. Please check out the definition of 'production' software
in relation to staging,testing and development.

    Techopedia explains Production Server

A production server is the core server on which any website or Web
application is being hosted and accessed by users. It is part of the
entire software and application development environment. Typically, the
production server environment, hardware and software components are
exactly similar to a staging server.

Though, rather being confined to in-house usage as in a staging server,
the production server is open for end-user access. The software or
application must be tested and debugged on a staging server before being
deployed on the production server."

> Surely there must be many CentOS users like me?
> I found puzzling the suggestion (not by Johnny Hughes)
> that RedHat's offer is of little value.
Centos != Redhat