[CentOS] VPN suggestions centos 6, 7

Tue Apr 5 12:10:27 UTC 2016
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 05.04.2016 um 12:46 schrieb Francis Mendoza <francis at mytechrepublic.com>:
> OpenVPN is the best opensource VPN for me it can connect to any connection
> such as airport, hotel, restaurant, resorts, malls it never let me down.
> And configuration is easy on those who have idea on what they want to
> achieve.

"easy" is qualitative - PKI is the core of an OpenVPN infrastructure and not trivial anyway.
As some one stated before privacy/security is complex everything else is a product.

IMHO: IPSec-VPN is a bit more complex then a SSL-VPN like OpenVPN. 

I even sometimes use an SSL-VPN connection over an IPSec-VPN.