[CentOS] Free Redhat Linux (rhel) version 7.2

Tue Apr 5 12:57:45 UTC 2016
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

On 5 April 2016 at 13:31, Liam O'Toole <liam.p.otoole at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 2016-04-04, Timothy Murphy
> <gayleard at eircom.net> wrote:
> > I read that Redhat was offering their Linux free, and downloaded the
> > ISO, though I haven't run it.
> >
> > What do CentOS users think of Redhat's offer?
> I think it's an excellent opportunity for developers, and for the simply
> curious.
> >
> > The registration with Redhat seemed very bureaucratic to me,
> > and I'm not sure if I have carried it out properly.
> You should receive an email confirmation from Red Hat. In my case it
> only arrived after I had entered my RH account details when installing
> the new OS. That could just be a coincidence, of course.
> > Also, I didn't see if it was possible to get updates,
> > either with dnf or some other way.
> Updates are available through yum in the normal way. Dnf is available in
> the EPEL 7 repository.
I wouldn't use dnf from EPEL though ;)

> >
> > I've been (and am) very pleased with CentOS,
> > which I've been running for several years,
> > and I don't particularly want to change.
> >
> > Any views on this?
> One thing that struck me is that the (free) developer subscription is
> valid for only one year. It is not clear whether the subscription can be
> freely renewed thereafter. I wouldn't advocate a full migration just
> yet!
The $99 sub is per year, this is just a free version of that and RH have no
way (nor would it be sensible for them to) create an unlimited life
subscription on their systems/platform.

How long they'll keep this programme? Well that's crystal ball time and I
guess depends on the uptake and how this helps with their developers

It's not like they lock you in with proprietary tech though ...