[CentOS] Suddenly increased my hard disk

Thu Apr 7 11:34:29 UTC 2016
Tony Mountifield <tony at softins.co.uk>

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Chandran Manikandan <tech2mani at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have running Centos 6.5 32 bit machine.
> This machine is running qmailtoaster packages and mailbox size is 385 GB.
> if i run the df -h command it show 385 GB out of 1TB
> I have run the same command today suddenly shows 576 GB out of 1 TB.
> I didn't update any bulk file and mail transaction is not very high.
> How do i check this issue and fix it.
> how do i find out and why suddenly showing this much of increasing the size
> of hard disk.

You can look to see what files have been created or altered in the last
day by using "find" (as root):

# find / -xdev -type f -ctime -1 -ls

For the last 2 days, change the -1 to -2

You can read "man find" to understand the options.

This will only show you files that still exist in the filesystem. If a large
file has been created and is still held open although deleted (unlinked),
it will not show up. But in that case, you can either search for it with
"lsof", or just reboot the system to reclaim the space.

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