[CentOS] Free Redhat Linux (rhel) version 7.2

Tue Apr 12 18:43:56 UTC 2016
Always Learning <centos at u64.u22.net>

On Mon, 2016-04-11 at 09:44 -0400, Peter Larsen wrote:

> On 04/05/2016 11:55 AM, Always Learning wrote:

> > Me ? Well I am staying on C6 :-)

> That's why we have choice. This is not the Microsoft "everyone has to
> upgrade to Windows 10 like it or not" mentality. CentOS still has a
> lot of things to offer that you don't get from the free developer
> subscription.

I refuse to do anything at all on a Microsoft machine. I feel ill when I
see the M$ screens and remember the countless months of my life
frustratingly wasted trying to get M$ crap to work.   Centos is true
liberation and how computer operating systems should be.

I would like the EU to ban the monopoly of M$ on all laptops sold in the
EU. Instead of paying the M$ tax, users should have a choice of
operating systems.


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