[CentOS] [OT] Re: Freeradius, openldap and TLS

Fri Apr 15 16:40:09 UTC 2016
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 04/15/16 06:40, Patrick Laimbock wrote:
> On 15-04-16 13:14, g wrote:
>> On 04/15/16 04:29, Patrick Laimbock wrote:
>>> On 15-04-16 00:39, Andrew Daviel wrote:
>> <<>>
>> Patrick,
>> 'threading breaking' is against centos etiquette and netiquette.
>> replying thread breakers does nothing but encourage them to do so again.
>> many subscribers frown on thread breakers and their responders.
>> please help good etiquette by not responding to them.
>> thank you.
> Please keep your posting on-list.
my email to you had nothing to do with original thread;

  Subject: [CentOS] mount bind problems

email to you "off list" was because i did not wish to add to breaking
raveling of thread.

doing so now is only because of your request and desire for further
raveling of original thread.

> It's unclear what you mean. I saw a new message on the ML and responded 
> to it. Where did this 'threading breaking' take place?

the threading breaking took place when Andrew Daviel got too lazy to
compose a new email.

what he obviously did was select "reply" to a post by Robert Nichols. then
in compose window, changed "Subject:" to 'Freeradius, openldap, and TLS".
then he removed _all_ of text that was in 'body' and type in his problem.

what he is obviously unaware of, as are you, that still in email headers
where _all_ references to original thread.

also, what he is obviously unaware of is that time he spent is much longer
than it would have been had he simply started with a fresh, blank email

my apologies to rest of readers that i have further broken original thread.

i extend no apologies to Andrew Dumbviel or to Patrick Lameblock. B-)

peace out.

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