[CentOS] Google Chrome and CentOS 6?

Mon Apr 18 12:48:45 UTC 2016
Scott Robbins <scottro11 at gmail.com>

On Tue, Apr 19, 2016 at 12:37:44AM +1200, Peter wrote:

> Right, Johnny Hughes (I think) used to build it, but IIRC he had to stop
> for reasons that you can find by searching this mailing list.
> Note that I'm personally not interested in getting chrome to work for
> CentOS 6, but I have a vested interest in keeping it working in 7, so
> when the time comes I'll very likely find a solution myself and share it.

I think Richard Lloyd had (has?) versions that work, but are usually a bit
At present, CentOS-7 works with the rpm for Fedora on Google's site. I
don't think RedHat had their own official rpm for either RHEL-6 or 7, did
(do) they?

I eventually updated to CentOS-7 on my main home machine, so I haven't kept

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