[CentOS] Firefox and Flash

Tue Apr 26 08:10:09 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 04/26/2016 12:03 AM, Andreas Benzler wrote:
> Hello every one I installed the official
> flash plugin from adobe
> About Plugins tells me:
>      Datei: libflashplayer.so
>      Pfad: /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so
>      Version:
>      Shockwave Flash 11.2 r202
> But it is:
>   strings /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so  | grep 616
> FlashPlayer_11_2_202_616_FlashPlayer
> LNX 11,2,202,616
> drm/%s/%s/%s/
> Any ideas?

As far as I can tell Adobe stopped supporting flash on Linux and a 
deprecated vulnerable version is all that is available.

I would highly advice against using the flash plugin. Unfortunately 
advertising networks do not adequately vet flash based advertisements 
resulting in malware being distributed via flash on common websites we 
all visit, including news sites.

Usually the malware targets Windows but there is some that targets Linux 
and will encrypt files on your system asking a ransom for the decryption 

Just say no to flash.

That's not what you asked, but that's what I advise.