[CentOS] Apache/PHP Installation - opinions

Wed Apr 27 00:12:48 UTC 2016
Alice Wonder <alice at domblogger.net>

On 04/26/2016 03:27 PM, Tim Dunphy wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I tend to work on small production environments for a large enterprise.
> Never more than 15 web servers for most sites.
> But most are only 3 to 5 web servers. Depends on the needs of the
> client.I actually like to install Apache and PHP from source and by
> hand. Although I know that's considered sacrilege in some shops.
> I do this because on RH flavored systems like CentOS the versions of
> Apache, php and most other software are a little behind the curve in
> terms of versions.
> And that's intentionally so! Because the versions that usually go into
> the various repos are tested and vetted thoroughly before going into
> the repos.
> I like to use the latest, stable versions of apache and php for my
> clients without having to create a custom RPM every time a new version
> comes out.
> So what I'd like to know is it better in your opinion to install from
> repos than to install by source as a best practice? Is it always
> better to use puppet, chef, ansible etc even if the environment is
> small? I'm sure this is a matter preference, but I would like to know
> what your preferences are.
> Thanks,
> Tim

I don't have php 7 but I do have 5.6.20 (latest in 5.6 branch), Apache 
2.4.20, etc. at https://librelamp.com/

The purpose of that repo is LAMP stack built against LibreSSL opposed to 

I prefer LibreSSL over OpenSSL but I like CentOS so to use LibreSSL in 
CentOS I had to make that repo.

I've been told the php 7 RPMs maintained by Remi work just fine with it 
if you really need php 7 (php 7 breaks some web apps I run so I stick to 
5.6 branch)

A lot of of the RPMs are tweaked rebuilds of Fedora source RPMs