[CentOS] Any CentOS 6 Issues on Lenovo Y700?

Thu Apr 28 03:39:10 UTC 2016
Valeri Galtsev <galtsev at kicp.uchicago.edu>

On Wed, April 27, 2016 10:12 pm, Alice Wonder wrote:
> On 04/27/2016 07:43 PM, Mike Mohr wrote:
>> Don't flame me, but I really recommend using Ubuntu on laptops. If you
>> really want CentOS, you should go with version 7. Many new laptops won't
>> work well with that either though.
> CentOS 7 works fine on my T410 thinkpad but that's not a new laptop...
> I use to use Ubuntu on the desktop but I stopped when they believed it
> was okay to send information I searched for my local workstation to
> Amazon without asking me first.
> I can not support any distribution that believes it is okay to do that
> sort of thing.
> Maybe it would have been okay if it had been opt-in, but it wasn't opt-in.

I would first try CentOS 7, second Debain. I have the same feelings about
Ubuntu as Alice does. I also do tend to avoid Lenovo after they were
caught installing malware on Windows system the ship. You can search for
superfish and lenovo. Once caught, they stopped it. But once caught one
looses my trust for very-very long. I would look for Dell if I were
needing laptop without much trouble installing Linux on it - you can find
one certified for Ubuntu (sigh) and shipped with it. Just wipe Ubuntu, and
install system of your choice. For myself I got Toshiba ultrabook U904,
had no trouble to make it dual boot: Windows and CentOS 7 (all worked on
Linux side including touch screen, not much fanciness in Linux as far as
touch screen is concerned, but I kind of don't like touching my screen
anyway). Now, however, I wiped both systems and run only FreeBSD on
Toshiba ultrabook U904. Compared to Linux took me a bit of effort, but I
like it more that way.

I hope, others will mention other hardware choices (I figure, Lenovo
really set me off by what they did, sorry Lenovo fans).

I hope, this helps.


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