[CentOS] C5: The Firefox ESR 45.1.0 Nighmare - bunny trail

Fri Apr 29 11:44:14 UTC 2016
Rob Kampen <rkampen at kampensonline.com>

On 04/29/2016 10:21 PM, James Hogarth wrote:
> On 29 April 2016 at 09:55, isdtor <isdtor at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Always Learning writes:
>>> However the time-wasting problem remains, so too do the down-loaded
>>> extensions in /tmp, example tmp-xxx.xpi
>> The reason behind this is the missing patch referenced by Johnny's posting
>> that you referenced in a follow-up.
>> What I would really like to see, talking about SIGs and such, is an rpm
>> for palemoon, but I fear it can't be done on C5. Even C6 only would help,
>> although I'm hesitating to move my main desktop off 5; the C6 desktop
>> simply doesn't have the same stability and performance, and having to log
>> off/log on just because PA behaves irratically is really annoying.
> Given: RHEL5 goes end of life on 2017-03-31, which is 47 weeks, 6 days, 13
> hours, 40 minutes, and 50 seconds from now
> and that even now the updates are limited to critical (ie remote code
> execution) pretty much might I suggest now is a good time to be thinking
> about that future of that system and if not move to C7 at least move to C6?
> I can't even imagine the pain of using C5 as a desktop in today's world ...
Having used C5 desktops until 4 years ago, then C6 until last week and 
now using C7, some observations.
Getting H/w stuff to work has got MUCH easier. Mostly "it just works". 
With the EPEL and ELrepo most everything one needs to perform normal 
office desktop functions is just a yum command away.
I have tried to remain on the same hardware, but the recent move to C7 
makes my 8 year old PC with 8GB of RAM just unacceptable. This machine 
was a top of the line gaming machine for my son when we built it, now it 
stalls as it pages stuff to swap - my work load is the same, just seems 
the new C7 needs more horse-power to function.
Now about the desktop, and the tools that come with the system.
Gnome 3, Gnome classic, and KDE - historically I just used the Gnome 
desktop, Nautilus and found managing my remote servers and the web apps 
I design and administer just worked fine. Transfer of files to and from 
the remote servers was a simple drag and drop. The system remembered my 
SSH key passphrase with no special action, now it doesn't, I need to be 
entering it continually. I think there is a new app to take care of this 
but haven't yet found the time to research and set it up.
Nautilus is now next to useless for my kind of work flow. Darn, they 
call this progress?
Trying to put apps onto the Gnome Desktop - too difficult, I'm sure its 
possible but once again, far to obscure - they really want me to change 
my work flow and habits I guess.
So I dust off KDE, been a few years since I played with this, but some 
brief research to find a working file manager show dolphin gets top 
marks. Used it under Gnome initially, but some stuff just doesn't show 
on my screen properly.
At least I can actually do my job with Dolphin, but it has some quirks, 
some quite irksome quirks, but at least I am somewhat productive after a 
week of trying to get used to all the changes.
With all the things I do not like about Windoze and Micro$oft, at least 
their file manager still works intuitively from WindozeXP, Windoze7 and 
Windoze10 - the only versions I have chosen to use over the last 15 years.
So what's gone wrong with the Linux Desktop developers?
Hardware upgrade to my son's three year old gaming machine next week, 
hopefully that will alleviate some of the frustrations of this migration 
to the latest CentOS 7 workstation.
Enough of a rant.
Sorry for the hi-jack, I did amend the subject.
P.S. I am using C7 for my new servers and that seems to be okay, bit of 
a learning curve for systemd and systemctl commands, also for firewalld 
vs iptables - yes I know I can use the old system, but I try to use the 
systems as much as possible as they come, as I figure that is where 
things are heading, so learn, use and embrace. e.g. NetworkManager was 
introduced in C6 - barely workable for a desktop, just a PITA for a 
server. But with C7 it mostly works as expected, with little need to 
lock things down. Works great on the desktop.
Have a great weekend.
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