[CentOS] new firefox upgrade, then crash

Fri Apr 29 23:07:58 UTC 2016
g <geleem at bellsouth.net>

On 04/29/16 13:11, ken wrote:
> Earlier today I upgrade firefox, closed the old version, opened the new, 
> and first it froze-- displayed a message about a script running and 
> asking me if I wanted to stop it; I said no to let it run-- then it 
> crashed and disappeared.
> # ps -ef|grep firefox
> root      3150  4904  0 14:08 pts/2    00:00:00 grep --color=auto firefox

do you run firefox as root? bad move if you do.

firefox has a lot running, among them is the add-ons manager.

when you open firefox, it takes time to open everything. same during

you can see get an idea of time it take by opening "System Monitor" and
select "Memory" column. you will then note that is at top of list, if
not next to it. this is because firefox is a memory hog and the longer
it runs, the more memory it uses. firefox is not written to release any
part memory after it has been used.

you can see a lot of what all is happening if you start firefox for cli
with "firefox &" then close it after it has fully opened to see.

if you have firefox running from 'icon', or app launcher, close it and
then try to open again without it fully closing, a lot of corruption
can/will/may happen.

therefore, i never restart firefox without it fully closing. the way i
insure this is to always have "System Monitor" running and reduced to
panel. when i close firefox, i raise "System Monitor" and watch for
firefox to close.

this has been a practice for me for several years and it has helped.

granted, this has been for versions up to 38.7.0 and i imagine that
i will find it needed to deal with 46.x, which i greatly regret with
the problems i have seen on this list as well the mozilla firefox list.

mozilla firefox devs have fallen into a deep hole trying to keep up
with chrome. they are afraid of losing users and are writing a bunch
of crap because of. the devs have reached a point of being 're-writers'
instead of 'fixers'. the more they re-write, the more they have to
re-write again. they have forgotten the word 'debug'.

peace out.

If Bill Gates got a dime for every time Windows crashes...
 ...oh, wait. He does. THAT explains it!
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